Steampunk Pirate Costume Ideas For Halloween

Steampunk is a way to combine the past with a future that would’ve been if steam technology was the primary source of power. Though it started as science fiction and fantasy, today steampunk has spread into clothing, art, home decor, and pretty much everything that one can imagine. Airships are a major fascination for most steampunk enthusiasts. And when there are people sailing through the skies, there are always pirates to do their plundering and pillaging on those airships. A steampunk pirate in that way is similar to traditional ones that used to sail the seas.

Many steampunk pirate personas are inspired by pirates such as Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, and Bartholomew Roberts. However, these personas usually have a modern twist to them inspired by the retrofuturistic ideas of steampunk. Here are some ideas that you can use to complete your steampunk pirate persona for this Halloween. 

Steampunk Pirate Headgear

Headgear is an important part of any steampunk pirate persona. A captain’s hat would be the most simple headgear to go for. Apart from that as steampunk pirates sail through the skies, it is also important to have basic protection for your eyes, nose, and mouth. A pair of goggles and a mask can be useful for that purpose. You can also wear an eyepatch as an indication that your pirate persona has been through many hard battles and emerged victorious.

Here are some of our recommendations. 

Steampunk Pirate Hat

Steampunk pirate hat

Steampunk Pirate Tricorne Top Hat

This is a unique steampunk pirate hat decorated using metallic industrial gears & wires, pipes, decorative pressure gauge, metal chains, & chain details embedded on the inner hat rim. Will look perfect on any steampunk persona, especially on a pirate.

pirate hat with bandana

Two-Piece Pirate Captain Hat

This is a two-piece pirate hat that includes a hat and a bandana. The design of the hat is simple and reminds you of the most common pirate hats. However, it can be used as a base to apply your own designs to create a unique steampunk pirate hat.

Steampunk pirate hat with feather

Elegant Steampunk Pirate hat

This is an elegant steampunk pirate tricorne hat handmade using brass, feathers, and faux leather. The hat is decorated using gears, chains, and feathers. This Captain’s Hat will look good on a steampunk pirate Captain.

pirate hat with goggles

Victorian-Style Pirate Hat

This beautifully designed steampunk pirate hat is handmade using leather, feather, and lace. The hat is decorated with gear designs and a pair of goggles. This hat will definitely get you votes to be the Captain at any pirate gathering.

Steampunk Goggles and Masks

steampunk mechanical goggles

Mechanical Steampunk Blinking Goggles

These steampunk goggles will certainly provide an upgrade for any steampunk attire. The goggles feature an amazing blinking mechanism that is controlled using a button. The button can be fixed to the side of the goggle or can be hidden in the pocket to surprise people with the cool blinking mechanism. The goggles also glow and the artist provides a list of colors for the user to choose from.

Steampunk goggles with monocular tube

Steampunk Goggles with Monocular Tube

The steampunk goggles featured here are made using high leather, PLA, and artificial leather. One side of the goggle features a magnifying loupe while the other is attached with an additional monocular tube and lenses. The glass used for lenses is not optical but made of acrylic glass. These steampunk goggles are a perfect fit for anyone with an explorer nature but the heart of a pirate.

Steampunk rugged pirate goggles

Steampunk Goggles with Double Ocular Loupe

This is a simple steampunk goggle with a high-quality ABS plastic frame. The goggles are accompanied by a removable magnifying loupe. The design features a rustic metallic finish with spiked rivets on either side that provide the look required for a steampunk pirate. The goggles come with a light switch which will allow you to light a path in dark.

post apocalyptic steampunk goggles

Post-apocalyptic Steampunk Goggles

These steampunk glasses are made using high-quality plastic accompanied by adjustable headbands suited for comfort. The design features circular vintage metallic gears, small pipes weaving in and out of the goggles, and spikes on either side of the goggles. These goggles are perfect for a post-apocalyptic steampunk pirate with their brassy vintage finish.

steampunk respirator mask

Post-apocalyptic Steampunk Respirator Mask

This steampunk face mask is made using a resin base and hand-painted to provide a rustic metallic finish. The design features rustic metallic gears on the side and pipes in the center which provides it the look of a post-apocalyptic breathing device. The mask itself comes with a cushion for the nose and is lightweight which makes it comfortable even for long hours.

steampunk pirate gas mask

Steampunk Mask with Mouth Respirator

The mask itself is made using strong and sturdy soft plastic materials. It is hand painted to provide a post-apocalyptic look with a rustic copper finish. The design of the mask itself consists of a circular center and pipes popping out on each side which travel from the mouth to the nose. This provides it with a look of a post-apocalyptic breathing mask.

Steampunk Eyepatch

steampunk pirate eyepatch monocle

Steampunk Pirate Eyepatch Monocle

The steampunk pirate eyepatch featured here is made using high-quality polyester and alloy. The eyepatch monocle is decorated using gears and clockwork and comes with an adjustable headband. This particular design is perfect to be used as an eyepatch for any steampunk pirate costume. This particular monocle is designed for the right eye only.

steampunk pirate eyepatch

Skull and Gears Pirate Eyepatch

This Victorian steampunk eye patch has a soft felt black inner & faux leather outer fabric embellished with bronze lace. The design features metallic-colored industrial gears that are securely glued onto the outer patch, and the middle gear has a metallic skeleton on top. Come with an elastic band for a comfortable fit.

steampunk mechanical monocle

Steampunk Pirate Eyepatch Monocle

While technically not an eyepatch, this steampunk monocle will definitely get a lot of heads to turn in your direction. This monocle is accompanied by a switch that allows you to mechanically open or close the iris. This switch can be fixed to the side of the goggles. The switch can also be fixed in a way so as to hide in your pockets to surprise people around you. Definitely a worthy accessory for a steampunk pirate.

Steampunk pirate leather eyepatch

Leather Steampunk Eyepatch

The steampunk eye patch is completely handmade and the process involves cutting, molding, shaping, dyeing, airbrushing, and assembling the eyepatch. The leather strap comes with a belt buckle to provide the utmost comfort at the back of your head. The eyepatch has gear-like shapes designed on the corners and center of the patch. The artist also offers customization upon contact.

Steampunk Pirate Clothing

Steampunk pirate clothing is commonly inspired by the pirate “look” from the 1500s-1700s. Long jackets, shirts, vests, and ankle-banded pants were common clothing choices for such miscreants during that era. While female pirates can pull off this look as well as men, it is not uncommon for them to wear skirts, corsets, wrist cuffs, and other pieces of women’s clothing to complete their look.

Steampunk Jackets

Steampunk Pirate Jacket

Medieval Steampunk Pirate Jacket

The medieval steampunk jacket is made using high-quality polyester and cotton. This is a classic pirate jacket and will be a great piece of clothing to finish your steampunk pirate costume.

Embroider steampunk pirate jacket

Long Sleeve Victorian Tailcoat

This Victorian tailcoat is made using high-quality polyester and cotton. The fabric is lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and soft, which makes it suitable for any season.

steampunk pirate captain jacket

Women’s Steampunk Pirate Tailcoat

This tailcoat is made using high-quality polyester. The fabric itself is soft, comfortable, and breathable to wear. The jacket is well-made and unique in design. The tailcoat has long sleeves, lapels, V-neck, front buttons, a bodice style, two decorative buttons on the front, lace on the front, and a neckline. This steampunk jacket is an indispensable outfit for dressing up as a pirate captain in charge of the full fleet.

Embroidered steampunk jacket women

Women’s Steampunk Long Trench Coat

The long trench coat featured here is made using high-quality polyester. This jacket takes inspiration from the Victorian era and has an exquisite vintage embroidery pattern, along with delicate lace on the lapels. The jacket also features a corset-style design, single-breasted with rows of vintage and exquisite buttons. The back has a dovetail design and the sleeves are long-sleeved with ruffled lace. A perfect jacket for an elegant steampunk pirate captain.

Steampunk Vests

Steampunk pirate vests

Steampunk Pirate Vest

This pirate vest is made using high-quality faux leather and PU fabric which makes it light and comfortable to wear. The vest has a rugged look which makes it perfect for a battle-hardened steampunk pirate.

Women's steampunk corset vest

Steampunk Pirate Corset Vest

The steampunk corset vest is made using faux suede fabric. This vest will certainly be one of the more versatile outfits in your arsenal as it fits into a number of different genres, a pirate being one of them.

Steampunk Shirts and Pants

Pirate shirt men

Pirate Shirt

This pirate shirt is made using a mixture of polyester and viscose. The neckline features a lace-up front. The sleeves are long-sleeved with flared cuffs. Perfect for any pirate costume.

Ankle banded pirate pants

Ankle Banded Pirate Pant

The ankle-banded pirate pants are made using polyester and cotton. The trousers have an elastic and drawstring waist for easy fit. They also have an adjustable lace-up ankle for easy adjustments.

steampunk pirate blouse

Steampunk Pirate Blouse

The blouse is made using a mix of rayon and polyester. This blouse features an off-shoulder design and an elastic neckline for comfort. The front has a lace-up feature with a smocking waist design. A versatile outfit to match a variety of occasions or to wear normally.

Women pirate skirt

Steampunk Pirate Skirt

The steampunk pirate skirt is made using linen and faux leather. The design features wide asymmetrical ruffles around the skirt which makes it suitable for any body type. Comes with a leather pouch which makes it a really cool accessory to store some of your pirate stuff.

Steampunk Pirate Ensemble Clothing

steampunk pirate ensemble men

Pirate Ensemble Clothing Men

This is an amazing outfit for a pirate cosplay that includes the jacket, shirt, vest, pants, the 3-piece belt, and the sash. This ensemble is a perfect pirate costume and can be combined with some really cool steampunk accessories to provide the look of a steampunk pirate.

Steampunk pirate ensemble women

Pirate Ensemble Clothing Women

This adventurous high-seas pirate costume features a grommet-trimmed bodice that elegantly frames the neckline. The skirt has three ruffled tiers and is longer in the back for a sexy swagger. The costume also includes a pirate hat, detachable ruffled sleeves, and a belt with a skull buckle.

Steampunk Pirate Accessories

Any steampunk pirate requires retrofuturistic gear to tackle his/her day-to-day activities of looting, plundering, and exploring. These accessories usually include nautical equipment for exploring, swords and retrofuturistic guns for battle, and retrofuturistic armor for defense. Other trademark accessories of a steampunk pirate include such as a satchel bag to carry the equipment and rum, belts, and holsters to hold their weapons.

Nautical Equipment

Steampunk compass

Vintage Sundial Compass

steampunk telescope

Vintage Handcrafted Collapsible Telescope

A steampunk pirate persona cannot be complete without some of the most important tools in a pirate’s arsenal, his compass, and his telescope. A compass allows a pirate to navigate the skies and a telescope allows a pirate to recognize friends and enemies in the sky and prepare for them in advance.

Steampunk Weapons

vintage pirate gun opt

Vintage Pirate Gun

This gun though not steampunk is a perfect weapon for a pirate. Its design is based on the 1832 French percussion pistol. This is a nonfiring replica and can be used as a prop for pirate costumes.

steampunk scoped guns

Steampunk Scoped Guns

These pair of guns are handpainted steampunk guns with a futuristic design. These are for cosplay purposes only and will be a perfect weapon for a steampunk pirate persona.

pirate sword

Pirate Sword

This is a 28″ Pirate Cutlass Sword Caribbean Bow Guard Saber. This pirate sword is made using high-quality stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish, short ricasso, and a false edge. The sword is built sturdy with a sturdy knuckle bow and solid steel handle. A perfect weapon for a pirate to tear through his enemies.

steampunk axe sword

Steampunk Pirate Boarding Axe

This sword is handmade, using a mix of materials such as foam, fiberglass, and paint. This weapon may not be a good companion for a young lad joining a pirate crew. But for a battle-hardened pirate captain, this weapon might just be the tool to beat ever-stronger opponents. A perfect prop for a pirate captain’s costume.

Steampunk Armor

Steampunk Pirate Armor

Steampunk Pirate Arm Armor

The steampunk arm armors featured here are handmade and unique designs. These will definitely bring a unique steampunk pirate look to any costume design.

Other Common Accessories

Pirate Gun Holster

Pirate Gun and Sword Holster

Steampunk Satchel Holster

Pull-Over Steampunk Satchel Bag

These are some important accessories that must be on a steampunk pirate’s person at any time. The holster is useful for carrying any weapons that you may have. The satchel holster can be used to carry rum or gunpowder and the satchel bag can be used to carry the nautical equipment you require.

Steampunk Pirate Boots

Pirates are notoriously famous for wearing swashbuckler boots made from good-quality leather. Many boots have folded cuffs at the top of the boot with other features such as big buckles, buttons, lacings, and other details. Steampunk enthusiasts also have a tendency to apply gear and other accouterments on their boots to provide a steampunk finish.

Here are some of our recommendations.

Swashbuckler Pirate Boots

Knee-high Steampunk boots

Swashbuckler Pirate Boots

Knee-high Steampunk boots

Read more about our ideas for celebrating this Halloween in steampunk style by clicking here.

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