Steampunk Puzzles – A Mind-Building Experience For The Holidays

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Steampunk as a culture has captured audiences from around the globe ever since the term was coined in the 1980s. What started out as a sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy has turned into a massive culture with its roots in art, fashion, home decor, cosplays, DIY designs, etc. Steampunk has a sense of mystery, creativity, and imagination which allows artists to create some truly unique and immersive steampunk puzzles.

There are various different kinds of steampunk puzzles. Each puzzle has its own flavor and methods to solve. There are complex steampunk puzzle boxes. These puzzles usually have simple or complex mechanisms that need to be solved in certain steps in order to successfully open the box. Then there are 3-D steampunk puzzles. These puzzles are designed to provide a DIY experience of creating unique steampunk objects. The puzzles include various parts, sometimes up to 1000 parts and more, which need to be put together as per instructions provided by the maker of the puzzles. And there are also simple jigsaw puzzles which are just like any other jigsaw puzzle with the completed puzzle being a stunning steampunk design.

Here are some of our recommendations for you and your loved ones, to indulge in, this holiday season.

Steampunk Puzzle Boxes

Steampunk puzzle boxes have a combination of simple and complex mechanisms that need to be solved in order to open the box. Most of the time the moves required are solved using logical reasoning. However, sometimes the moves might be random and require some sort of trial and error method. The mechanisms include but are not limited to, gears, knobs, buttons, levers, etc.   

iDventure Cluebox – Captain Nemo’s Nautilus

Steampunk puzzles box nautilus
Steampunk puzzles box nautilus alt

This 3-D puzzle consists of 116 individual parts made from high-quality birchwood. The puzzle itself has 52 individual mechanisms that need to be solved in order to open the box. This puzzle will require logical reasoning in order to solve and can definitely be used as a mind-building exercise. This puzzle is part of a collection of steampunk puzzles from this maker. You can read more about the other puzzle boxes from this collection here.

Steampunk Puzzles – Tin Woodman’s Heart

tin mans heart

This steampunk puzzle box is made from high-quality birch wood. The pieces are cut with the finest laser technology and assembled by hand. This puzzle box has a simple design with a three-word customizable code lock. The mechanism itself requires you to choose the correct lock code using gears and open the box using a knob. This puzzle is an ideal choice to gift to your loved ones for this holiday. You can hide a gift inside the box and choose a 3-word lock code for them to crack. Simple yet elegant. 

Steampunk Puzzles – Mecanigma DIY Assembly Kit  

mecanigma steampunk puzzles alt
Mecanigma puzzle box

This particular puzzle has been featured in our post about steampunk puzzle boxes. This particular model is a DIY assembly kit that brilliantly reflects the comical world of the Industrial Revolution, the steam engine, and the adventures of Jules Verne. First, you will need to assemble the box. The assembly process will make it easier to solve the box as you will be aware of all the mechanisms involved when you assemble the box. The mechanisms themselves are not based on logical reasoning and may require some sort of trial and error methods in order to solve. This is the perfect puzzle to challenge your family and friends to solve. 

ESC WELT – Fort Knox Puzzle Box

ESC WELT Fort Knox
ESC WELT Fort Knox alt

The puzzles in this puzzle box need to be solved one by one. Solving one puzzle will unlock ciphers and clues on the puzzle box. The steampunk puzzles are purely based on logical reasoning and once solved will give access to the secret compartment in the center. There are 63 separate parts to the puzzle which makes the experience much more interactive and interesting. The secret compartment can be used to hide gifts and you can challenge your friends and family to solve the puzzle in order to get the gift.  

Three-Dimensional Steampunk Puzzles

3-D steampunk puzzles usually require you to build an object from scratch that might even have some sort of function. These puzzles have various parts such as gears, knobs, and screws, which are put together to form the object.

Steampunk Globe with Stand

Steampunk puzzles globe night lamp alt

This 3-D steampunk globe model comes in 180 pieces. The pieces need to be put together in a certain order to complete the globe. The globe has an antique look with a wooden base. The puzzle also comes with a powerline and LED used to light the globe. Once completed the globe can be rotated on its axis using gears which are located at the bottom of the globe. A magnifying glass is also attached, to the top of the globe, in order to read the cities and countries more clearly. Can be used for decoration as a bedside lamp. Can also be used for learning and educational purposes.

Mechanical Steampunk Clock Kit

Steampunk puzzles mechanical clock
Steampunk puzzles mechanical clock alt

The DIY mechanical steampunk clock is a fully functioning wall clock with a pendulum. Requires at least half a day to build the clock. Once assembled it is driven by the force of gravity with a miniature hot air balloon to mark the hour. The balloon descends when the hour strikes, then it slowly rises again for the next 60 minutes. The mechanical clock is a perfect representation of the industrial age as it beautifully portrays all the essential mechanisms of the era such as gears, pulleys, counterweights, etc.

Steampunk Puzzles – Mechanical Butterfly 3-D Metal Model

Steampunk butterfly metal model
Steampunk butterfly metal model alt

This is a beautiful butterfly model that comes with perfectly cut metal pieces and screws in order to assemble the model. The model itself is simple and comes with clear and detailed instructions that are easy to follow. The assembly time of the model may be around 2-3 hours. Some pieces may be sharp and adult supervision is recommended when letting children handle this model.

Mechanical Archimedes Crossbow Model

Steampunk puzzles metal gun model
Steampunk puzzles metal gun model alt

This is a unique 3-D metal model, that creates a world of wonder, full of entertainment and knowledge, for those who attempt to put it together. This is one of the more advanced steampunk puzzles with a total of 760 pieces involved in the design. This puzzle requires patience and observation and may take several hours to complete. Once complete, it can be used for a variety of purposes like decoration, or a prop for a steampunk costume.

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Jigsaw Steampunk Puzzles

Steampunk jigsaw puzzles are just like normal jigsaw puzzles with a steampunk theme. Here are some of our recommendations that you may like. 

Steampunk Laboratory

Steampunk puzzles observatory

Hidden Steampunk Chamber

Steampunk chamber

Steampunk Moto Girl

Steampunk Moto Girl

Steampunk Tiger Jigsaw Puzzle

Steampunk tiger jigsaw

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