Steampunk Pocket Watch

Steampunk pocket watch

A steampunk pocket watch is an object from the Victorian era that represented advances in technology at that time with a flair for the creative. Most pocket watches at the time had to be self-wound requiring no batteries to operate. And more often than not these watches would have a skeleton figure which means that the moving parts of the watch such as gears and cogs are visible to the naked eye. As many parts of steampunk fashion are inspired by the Victorian era, pocket watches play an important role in accessorizing your steampunk persona. 

Over time the steampunk culture has evolved from normal Victorian designs to include the imagination of several creative artists all over the world. These artists have taken the creative license to design some of the most amazing retro-futuristic steampunk designs that use a combination of modern and retro. Even the design of pocket watches has evolved from the traditional self-winding skeleton designs to include a combination of retro and future. Several artists have used a combination of modern designs such as Quartz watches and the retro look of a vintage brassy cabinet to hold the watch.  

A steampunk pocket watch is an amazing accessory that you can use to bring character to your steampunk persona. It provides a kind of elegance to your steampunk look that is reminiscent of the Victorian age. Here are some of the steampunk pocket watches that you can use in your day-to-day life or as part of your steampunk persona. 

Mechanical hand winding pocket watch

This is a beautifully designed pendant pocket watch with an antique bronze copper tone metal casing. The watch has a mechanical self-winding mechanism and requires daily manual winding to operate. 

The pocket watch itself has a skeleton design with visibly moving gears and cogs. Also, the casing has a hollow design with gears and cogs as the main motif. The hollow design also makes reading time much easier and more convenient as one need not open the case every time to read the time. 

An excellent gift for your family or loved one to use not just for steampunk-themed events but also in their day-to-day lives.

Double case mechanical pocket watch

This is a beautifully designed fully functional mechanical pocket watch. The casing has a dual opening cover that allows viewing both sides of the watch and catching a glimpse of its gears and mechanics. 

Apart from that the front part of the casing has a hollow design with roman numerals designed on the outer circumference of the casing and gears and cogs designed at the center. 

The watch itself operates on a self-winding mechanism and needs to be wound completely at least once a day in order to function without stopping. This watch can be an excellent gift for your loved ones and can be used to accessorize your costume for steampunk-themed events.

The pocket watch also comes with a cleaning cloth and an instruction manual with instructions on how to set the time and how to wind the clock so that it functions.

Old steam train carved pocket watch

This steampunk pocket watch is designed by taking inspiration from one of the most important inventions of the Victorian era, the steam locomotive. The outer casing of the watch is hard and strong and the surface is shiny and reflective. The chain is short and sturdy and can be used to hang the watch from your trouser pocket or vest pocket.

This watch operates mechanically on a self-winding mechanism and needs to be wound regularly in order to function. A skeleton design allows visibility into the intrinsic movements of the gears and cogs. 

An excellent accessory to complete your steampunk attire or to use in your daily life, this pocket watch will definitely bring you a ton of compliments. 

Quartz steampunk pocket watch

This hand-made pocket watch is a perfect combination of modern and retro. The casing uses a vintage bronze metallic finish to take you on a trip to the past. The casing is decorated using cogs and gears as motifs and a hollow design with needle-like shapes in the center. 

The watch itself is quartz and runs on a battery which is included with the watch. The casing also includes decorative suspension such as bronze gears and clocks which can be removed on request.

The seller Lou offers a pocket chain(35cm) or a necklace chain(80cm) that can be selected as per your needs. 

Steampunk fantasy pocket watch

This pocket watch is hand-made and intricately designed with amazing attention to detail. This pocket watch will bring style to any steampunk outfit. This pocket watch is perfect for fantasy and steampunk lovers as it uses a perfect mixture of Victorian elegance and fantasy elements like phoenixes and dragons. 

The watch uses a self-winding mechanism and also uses kinetic energy and therefore does not need to be wound that often. The clock can operate for almost 48 hours when wound completely. It is made using gunmetal and comes with a twelve-inch chain attached to a connector, which makes it convenient to attach it anywhere.

The seller Missy Drage also offers customization on the size of the chain or even replacements as per your requirements.

Pocket watch on a leather cuff

This beautiful wristband is made using quality leather with a small pocket watch attached to it. The pocket watch itself is analog and operates on a battery. The pocket watch itself is brass and the casing is beautifully designed. 

The leather wrist cuffs are quite an innovative way to use a pocket watch and will definitely get you the attention you seek. 

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