Top 5 Steampunk Table Lamp Designs

Top 5 Steampunk lamp designs

Steampunk table lamps are some of the most common pieces of decor found in the homes of steampunk fans. Steampunk lamps usually have a vintage appeal with a retro-futuristic design. Some of these steampunk table lamps are simple, like an elegant vintage Edison lamp, while others can come in various creative shapes and designs like robots and warriors. These lamps are usually made with metallic pipes, screws, vintage taps, etc. Here is our list of top 5 steampunk table lamps that will definitely bring a steampunk vibe to your room.

Retro Robot Steampunk Table Lamp

Steampunk Table lamp Robot
Steampunk Table lamp Robot

This is an iron water pipe desk lamp that is made by spinning, cutting, polishing, grinding high-quality iron. It is painted using hand-made color, which gives it the vintage steampunk look. This industrial steampunk table lamp is innovatively designed in the shape of a robot carrying a light saber on its back that is decorated with bulbs. The face of the robot is formed by another bulb.

This lamp can be used as a night light, reading lamp, bedside lamp, or mood light depending on the number of lamps are attached. Apart from these, it can also be the center of attraction of any steampunk-themed room. It is easy to install with mounting hardware included with the lamp with no additional assembly required. All the bulbs used are of the E26/E27 type with a wattage rating of 31-40 Watts per bulb.

Minimalist Steampunk Table Lamp

Minimalist Steampunk table lamp
Minimalist Steampunk table lamp

This steampunk table lamp is a real-world example of a mix of retro design with futuristic technology. The lamp is made using tubular metal pipes which are bent and painted with an industrial metallic finish. The base of the lamp is touch-sensitive and has the ability to power two USB devices. 

It is different from other traditional lamps in both shape and function. It provides huge convenience for changing the intensity of light which can be done by touching anywhere on the base of the lamp. The lamp has three pre-set brightness levels : 

The first is 30% brightness which provides a soft light that does not make any dazzle. It is perfect for night light, nurseries, meditation, or movie nights.

The second is 70% brightness which is suitable for relaxing background illumination, making your rest time experience so much better.

The third is 100% brightness which is great for reading, working, handling electronics, or any exquisite artwork.

The lamp requires the use of an E26 bulb with a maximum of 100 Watts.

Robot Warrior Lamp

Robot warrior lamp
Robot warrior lamp

This is an amazing table lamp with the appearance of a robot carrying a lightsaber. The entire construct is made using high-quality tubular metallic pipes which make it a very sturdy lamp. It has a metallic bronze finish which adds to the vintage aesthetic of the lamp. 

The parts of the lamp can be reassembled to change the pose of the robot making it a cool DIY project in your free time. The lamp also features a water pressure meter as its head adding to its industrial steampunk look. 

This steampunk table lamp can be great as a night light or as a decor for your homes, bars, or restaurants. The socket type for the lightsaber bulb is E26 with a maximum wattage of 60W.  

Vintage Street Light – Shaped lamp

Vintage street light steampunk lamp
Vintage street light steampunk lamp

This is a beautifully welded heavy-duty industrial metal Edison lamp that is welded on recycled automotive transmission gears. It is hand-made with authentic, reclaimed steel gears, gas pipes, and 3/16” welded round bars. It also includes a bell-shaped toggle switch above the base. All the parts used in the making of this lamp are upcycled piping and electrical components.

The appearance of this lamp brings the vintage victorian street lights to life in your own home. It has a standard E26 socket type with no dimming ability and a maximum capacity of 120W.

Bike-riding Robot Table Lamp

Bike Riding Steampunk Table lamp
Bike Riding Steampunk Table lamp

This is a retro-industrial lamp that was creatively designed with a look of a robot riding a bike. An E26 light bulb gives shape to the robot’s head bringing this masterpiece to life. This robot lamp is about 9.8” long, 5.9” wide, and 13” high. It is made using metal with a brass finish that gives it a vintage feel. This steampunk table lamp is sturdy and of high quality without any seam on the side. 

Apart from being a cool piece of decor, this lamp is also amazing for a weekend DIY project. The lamp is made using several smaller pipe components which can be taken apart and put back together to form different positions of the robot. 

The base of the bulb is of E26 type which is suitable for incandescent, halogen, LED, or CFL light bulbs. This lamp can be used as a night light, reading lamp, bedside table lamp, or even as a cool piece of decor in your living rooms.  

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